Is Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

Are you on the fence about getting plastic surgery? It can initially feel intimidating, but more and more people recognize the benefits of plastic surgery each year. In 2015, more than 16 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States. Plastic surgery has many benefits that go beyond straightening your nose or slimming your waist.

Plastic Surgery Pros

  • Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAImproved appearance – The most obvious benefit of plastic surgery is improving your appearance. Whether you’re undergoing facial reconstruction, body contouring, or a breast augmentation, you’re bound to look and feel more beautiful after your treatment.
  • Reconstruction when you need it – For many, plastic surgery is restorative rather than elective. Plastic surgery can help remove scars, reconstruct facial features after accidents and injuries, and help mothers get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.
  • Increased confidencePlastic surgery improves your appearance, but more importantly, it gives you a major boost in confidence. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a person, and it’s so much easier to exude confidence when you’re happy with what you see in the mirror.
  • Reduced signs of aging – Unfortunately, our bodies change with age, and we can’t do anything to stop it. Plastic surgery can help you maintain or regain your youthful appearance. Whether you’re looking to erase wrinkles with facial fillers or blast body fat with liposuction, plastic surgery can be the solution you’re looking for to look like a younger you.

Plastic Surgery Cons

  • Price – While plastic surgery is a lifelong investment, it is typically an out-of-pocket cost since insurance doesn’t cover elective healthcare needs. However, there are still many affordable treatments, and most of them won’t hurt your wallet as much as you think. There are also financing options available to ensure you can afford the procedures you desire.
  • Recovery Time – Some plastic surgeries are invasive, which means they can have a recovery time of weeks or a month. However, there are also plenty of procedures that take less than an hour and show immediate results with minimal downtime.
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