Chemical Peels in Atlanta, GA

Used to improve and smooth out the texture of your skin, chemical peels, as administered by Best of Forsyth Reader’s Choice Awards 2015 Best Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double-board certified Atlanta surgeon serving the men and women of Atlanta, Cumming, Forsyth County and the surrounding areas in Georgia, will regenerate newer, younger-looking skin. Dr. Killingsworth, along with Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Cristen Catignani, address a range of issues that can benefit from removing the outermost layers of your skin for a refreshed and rejuvenated skin tone and complexion.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels, under the highly skilled supervision of Dr. Killingsworth and Dr. Catignani, who are experts in plastic surgery and understand the inner workings of your skin and what causes aging, imperfections, and flaws, results in regenerated skin with your skin’s outer layer having an appearance of being smoother and less wrinkled than your old skin. Depending on the type of peel you choose, a range of other problems can be addressed as well when the procedure is performed. Your needs will be uniquely treated based on a thorough examination of your skin conditions by Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani.

Our Chemical Peels

Sensitive Skin Micropeel     
50 min/$90

Designed for sensitive skin types

Micropeel sensitive skin solution gently exfoliates and hydrates leaving the skin with a beautiful glow- perfect for a special evening out.

Micropeel Plus  
50 min/$110

This peel begins with a dermaplaning treatments making it an excellent choice to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections. Get bright glowing skin with no downtime.

Advanced Corrective Peel         
50 min/$180

Our deepest peel. Dramatically reduce discoloration, refine texture, minimize pores, and restore a brighter, more even skin tone.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Because all chemical peels essentially dry off the top layer of your skin, the result is a flaking away of dead or aging external skin layers and the creation of a fresh new dermis, or top layer of your skin, that is renewed and reinvigorated in appearance, particularly when taking into account the range of persisting skin problems that chemical peels can treat, from fine lines and wrinkles, to discoloration or uneven skin tone, your specific problem or set of skin issues will be examined closely during your Chemical Peel consultation with Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani, and together you can select a course of treatment that is perfect for your needs.

Am I a Candidate for Chemical Peels?

If you want to reduce fine lines under your eyes or around your mouth, or improve the appearance of mild scars, reduce age spots or freckles and dark patches, or address and treat wrinkles brought on by aging and sun damage, then you may be an excellent candidate for an Atlanta Aesthetic chemical peel from Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani. If you want to peel signs of aging from your skin, a chemical peel can do just that, by reducing the signs and symptoms of aging that can become evident on the top layer of your skin.

What is the Procedure for Chemical Peels?

During your consultation, Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani will review the specific procedure for the chemical peel that is right for your needs. Most peels involve a mild warming sensation as the active ingredients of the peel work to dry off the outer layer of the dermis so that fresh new skin can emerge, and during your consultation Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani will take the time to answer any questions that you may have about the peel that you are undergoing and what to expect during your recovery from your chemical peel procedure at Atlanta Aesthetics.

Recovery from a Chemical Peel

Your skin will be temporarily more sensitive to the sun after undergoing a chemical peel, and as a result, you will be advised to try to avoid the sun and to apply SPF 30 and above “broad-spectrum” sunscreen to protect your healing skin. Other than taking special precautions to not be exposed to the sun between 10am and 2pm, and wearing a hat and protective clothing if you do, you will be able to return to your normal activities immediately, and within days you will start to observe the results of your treatment emerging as fresh new skin is regenerated by the peel procedure.

Atlanta Chemical Peel Cost and Financing Options

Your costs for a chemical peel treatment at Atlanta Aesthetics will be based upon your specific needs and goals, as well as your body and skin type, and during your consultation, Dr. Killingsworth and Dr. Catignani will work with you so that together you can create a treatment plan that helps you accomplish all of your goals. We will provide you with a detailed cost assessment after your consultation, and you can pay for your treatments via cash, personal check, credit card or convenient CareCredit® financing.

Chemical peel treatments by Dr. Cristen Catignani or Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon, will regenerate your skin for a fresh new and more youthful-looking appearance. Contact Atlanta Aesthetics today to schedule your personal chemical peel consultation with Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani.

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