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For those residents of Atlanta, Cumming, Forsyth County and surrounding areas of Georgia who want to massage away the stress, anxiety, and bodily tensions brought about by everyday life with a massage treatment from Atlanta Aesthetics, we provide medically proven massage techniques in a variety of our MedSpa treatments, all clinically designed to ensure your wellness, relaxation, and peace of mind, and all under the supervision of the 2015 Best Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double-board certified Atlanta surgeon practitioner and Dr. Cristen Catignani, a renowned Atlanta plastic surgeon.

What is Massage?

At Atlanta Aesthetics, our understanding of soft body tissues, such as muscles, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments, extends well beyond the surgical expertise of Dr. Cristen Catignani and Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, double-board certified Atlanta surgeon, voted by Best of Forsyth Reader’s Choice Awards as the 2015 Best Cosmetic Surgeon. Applying that same level of clinical understanding of the body through a variety of medically proven massage therapy modalities, manual manipulation of the soft body tissues through massage therapy at Atlanta Aesthetics is designed to give you the healthful, relaxed and regenerated sensation that promotes more than just relaxation. Massage is one of the oldest healing arts, and records documenting the use of massage date back nearly 3000 years, but at Atlanta Aesthetics you can count on the absolutely latest cutting edge massage techniques designed to catapult you to a blissful state of health and well-being.

Benefits of Massage

The benefits of medically supervised massage treatments at Atlanta Aesthetics are brought about through the relaxation response, which is an involuntary and yet predictable response brought about by physiological changes in your body that are caused through proper massage techniques. Our Hair and Scalp massage can accomplish wonders by releasing tension and blockages, thanks to physical effects, also known as mechanical responses, that occur when massage pressure is expertly applied to your scalp and cranial region. The Atlanta Aesthetics scalp massage in our lifestyle aesthetic center is a true indulgence with 100% Moroccan oil, stimulating the scalp, helping to trigger and nurture the natural healthy growth of your hair while relaxing your mind, all a credit to the use of a safe and caring touch, which is an invitation to your physiological and nervous systems to relax. The relaxation response, which is a state in which your breathing rate and heart rate slow, additionally lowers your blood pressure and decreasing the production of stress hormones, so your muscles, tendons and ligaments can all relax, increasing the available level of serotonin, a naturally occurring chemical in your body, that positively affects your thoughts and emotions. You’ll be able to think more clearly, as the physical effects of stress and the risk of hypertension and persistent fatigue – as well as psychological issues – are diminished through the increase in blood and lymph circulation as well as the normalization and relaxation of the soft tissues.

Who is a Candidate for Massage?

Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits, both medicinal and holistic, of massage treatment from the experts at Atlanta Aesthetics can count on us for the reliable relief of discomfort and stress by improving your blood and lymph circulation. At Atlanta Aesthetics, our body services include a back facial and detox body treatment, both 50 minutes in length with possible massage modalities based on your wishes. Our Detox body treatments use body wraps and advanced massage techniques to tone and firm your skin while stimulating circulation, and targeting those areas prone to cellulite, so we can help you achieve more relaxation, health, & wellness. Our Hand and Foot Treatment, repairs and rejuvenates your feet and hands, including a tension relieving massage, as we’ll scrub and massage your hands and feel, taking the stress away so you can get barefoot ready, ultimately moisturizing your hands and feet for the ultimate in smoothness. Or consider our hydrating body treatment and polishing body treatments, which may be the right options for you if you want to eliminate stress and let your body feel refreshed. Or, alternatively, you may be an excellent candidate for one of our paraffin treatments, which stimulates circulation, moisturizes and softens skin as well as relaxing your muscles and soothing your joints, in a treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, as each area is wrapped in gauze that has been soaked in hot paraffin, then additional heat is applied. After removal of the gauze, a massage is performed to fully trigger the release of tension and to promote proper blood and lymph circulation.

Atlanta Massage Cost and Financing Options

Your costs for massage treatments at Atlanta Aesthetics will be based upon your specific needs and the massage treatment therapies that are right for your well-being and relaxation. During your massage consultation, Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani works with you to develop a plan of treatment that makes sense for your wishes and requirements, and then we provide you with a detailed cost assessment after the consultation, and you can pay for your treatments via cash, personal check, or credit card.

Massage treatments at the medical spa of Atlanta Aesthetics, performed under the expert medical supervision of both Dr. Cristen Catignani and Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon, will promote your health, well-being, relaxation and proper circulation. Contact Atlanta Aesthetics now to schedule your consultation with Dr. Killingsworth or Dr. Catignani.

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