Cosmetic Procedures That Won’t Interfere With Your Summer Plans

Summer is here, and that means family vacations, beach trips and hot sunny days. The last thing you want to do is schedule anything that is going to impede on your summer plans and that includes cosmetic surgery. Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAIf you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is also important to consider the best time to have your procedure. Some procedures are better suited for specific seasons to maximize results and to prevent interfering with any seasonal plans. If you don’t have plans and have vacation time to use, the summer can be the perfect opportunity to undergo invasive surgery and spend your time off to recoup indoors. However, if you have plans for fun in the sun, you can still opt for a few cosmetic surgeries that won’t leave you juggling or canceling summer events. Eliminate Unwanted Fat This Summer Everyone wants to look their best during the summer months, especially since a good majority of the season is spent in swimsuits and shorts and tank tops. Tummy tucks, liposuction, and other invasive fat-eliminating procedures can leave you with lengthy recovery times. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rid yourself of unwanted fatty deposits during the summer months and still enjoy your much-anticipated vacation. CoolSculpting® is the perfect procedure to get rid of stubborn fat so you can fit into that tiny bikini and look your best while still upholding any summer plans you may have scheduled. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, non-invasive method called cryolipolysis in which fat cells are broken down from being exposed to extremely cold temperatures. No incisions are made and no recovery time is needed after treatment, making this an ideal summer cosmetic procedure. Get Radiant Skin While Enjoying Summer Activities Along with eliminating fat to enhance your physique, eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles to get that radiant glow is also possible without messing up or interfering with any of your summer fun. Unfortunately, many popular cosmetic treatments used to help rejuvenate your skin and appearance, such as chemical peels, laser treatments, and photofacials, require you to stay out of the sun for a period of time as the treatments cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun. However, dermal fillers and injectables, such as Botox®, Juvederm® and Radiesse®, can treat and diminish fine lines and wrinkles without forcing you to stay indoors to recuperate, allowing you to look rejuvenated while enjoying your summer. Don’t let your summer plans force you to put off looking your best. Contact our office today and find out what cosmetic procedures will fit into your hot, busy, summer days.