Atlanta Residents Ask: When Can I Return to the Gym After a Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast Lift in Atlanta, GA
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Breast enhancement procedures are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. Thousands of patients turn to breast surgery to achieve their cosmetic goals when they are unable to attain them through diet and exercise. Still, diet and exercise are an important part of a healthy lifestyle that many patients are eager to return to after their breast surgery procedure. Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is essential to maintaining your results, but it is important to understand that there will be some limitations on your activities following a breast lift surgery.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgical technique that eliminates excess skin and fat in the breasts to give them a more lifted, youthful appearance. The breasts begin to sag and droop as a natural effect of aging, especially for women who have larger breasts or have had children. Exercise can help lift the breasts naturally, but it cannot produce results of the same magnitude as a breast lift. During the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, an incision will be made around the circumference of the nipple. Depending on the extent of surgery required, these incisions might extend downward towards the bottom of the breasts. Through these incisions, skin and fat will be removed to produce the desired results. Afterward, the nipples can be adjusted so that they rest in the center of the breasts.

When Can I Exercise After My Breast Lift Procedure?

A breast lift is an extensive surgical procedure that requires a significant recovery period. During the first week or two following your procedure, you will have to take time away from work and other activities in order to rest as much as possible and let the body heal. After this time, patients can resume light exercise as long as it doesn’t involve the upper body. Light cardio can be a good option during this time. After approximately six weeks, patients will be fully recovered and able to resume normal exercise habits.

Am I A Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

If you are happy with the size of your breasts but would like to achieve a more youthful, lifted appearance, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift. To determine if this procedure is right for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Killingsworth of Atlanta Aesthetics. We welcome patients from Forsyth County, Atlanta, Cumming and the neighboring areas of Georgia.

Yes, Laser Hair Removal Really Works in Atlanta

Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta, GA
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Second only to the battle of the bulge, managing unwanted hair on the face and body seems like a never-ending process. Just when it seems that you are winning, the hair comes back, sometimes darker and coarser. Men and women share the frustration, and the good news is that laser hair removal gives you the advantage you need to finally defeat unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal is a Real Solution

If you have tried waxing and shaving away your unwanted hair, you understand that these options are only temporary. Often the hair starts to grow back within a day or two, leaving you with stubble and the fading memory of smooth skin. This is where laser hair removal stands out from other hair removal treatments. The laser energy targets the hair follicle which destroys the hair at the root. Over time, the follicle may stop producing hair. That’s right. Laser hair removal may remove the hair permanently.

Areas that Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Removal

The benefits of laser hair removal sound too good to be true, so there must be some limitations to where it can be used for unwanted hair, right? Actually, no. Our laser hair removal treatments work on:
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Lips
  • Underarms
  • Chin
  • Bikini area, including Brazilian
  • Neck
  • Shoulders

Laser Hair Removal is Quick and Comfortable

Compared to waxing and shaving, laser hair removal is extremely comfortable. The handpiece is used to administer the laser energy in short bursts, and it feels like a slight pinch on the skin. Some of the hairs fall out of the follicles during the treatment. The remaining hairs fall out over the coming days or weeks, based on the stage of the growth cycle. Some hairs that are in the early stages of the growth cycle may emerge after the treatment, and we can target these during a brief follow-up treatment.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair Once and For All. Contact Atlanta Aesthetics.

Stop unwanted hair in its tracks with laser hair removal. To learn more about the treatment and find out if you are a good candidate, contact Atlanta Aesthetics to schedule a consultation.

Facial Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction with ProFound in Atlanta

Profound Skin Tightening in Atlanta, GA
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Lines and wrinkles are the most concerning signs of aging, and you may be considering plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time. The procedures do produce dramatic results, but this may not be the best way to look younger. Today’s plastic surgeons understand that the procedure should meet the needs of the patient, and this philosophy has led to the development of non-surgical solutions, such as facial skin tightening and wrinkle reduction with ProFound.

Understanding Wrinkles

You develop wrinkles for many reasons, but most wrinkles are linked to the levels of collagen and fat in your skin. Collagen is a protein that provides structure to the skin. Collagen is a dynamic protein that is simultaneously developed and lost in the body. In younger skin, the amount of collagen that is lost is nearly equivalent to what is created, so the skin maintains a smooth appearance. Somewhere around the time we reach our 30s, the body produces less collagen than what is lost. Another protein that is important to your skin is elastin. It gives the skin an elastic property to help it maintain shape. As with collagen, as you get older, your body cannot replenish the elastin at the same rate as it is lost. This leads to sagging skin.

Radio Frequency: The Secret Behind ProFound Treatments

Research into skin aging has revealed that thermal energy that gently heats the deeper layers of skin stimulates collagen and elastin production. This rebalances levels and restores the skin’s ability to resist wrinkles and sagging. The radio frequency technology behind ProFound treatments is quite effective in this process. With just a single 45-minute treatment, you can increase the collagen and elastin in your skin to soften wrinkles and add volume to the skin.

The ProFound Benefits

  • Reduce wrinkles and sagging in a single treatment
  • Non-surgical, so there is no downtime or scarring
  • Visible improvement in less than two months
  • Full results take three to six months

Expect ProFound Results

Natural collagen and elastin development does take some time, so you see a gradual improvement in your skin. After three to six months, you can see the full results of your ProFound treatments. Several factors affect how long the results will last, and this does vary by person.

Learn More About Facial Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction with ProFound at Atlanta Aesthetics

If you are considering plastic surgery to refresh your appearance, we invite you to learn about ProFound treatments at Atlanta Aesthetics. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Can a Breast Lift be Done Without Implants?

Is a breast lift right for me?

Aging takes a toll on every part of the body, causing wrinkles, weight gain, and for some, sagging breasts. The combination of aging and gravity can make breasts appear droopy and smaller than they did 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. There are several different causes for sagging breasts, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain and genetics. If you wish your breasts had the same full, perky appearance they did when you were younger; you’re a great candidate for a breast lift.

Do I need breast implants?

Many women wonder if a breast lift requires implants. While implants can be inserted during a breast implant, not all breast lifts include implants, and you can see a significant difference in the appearance of your breasts without implants. A breast lift improves your breasts first by removing excess skin around the area and then tightening the supporting tissue to give a youthful, uplifted contour. The nipple area can also be moved upward to improve the shape of the breast.

How do I know which type of breast lift is right for me?

If you’re considering a breast lift, the first step is to schedule a consultation appointment. At this appointment, you and your doctor will discuss what kind of results you are looking for. Your doctor can help you decide if your breast lift can be completed without implants or if a different kind of breast lift is best for you. There are three different types of breast lifts available: periareolar/circumareolar breast lift, vertical breast lift, and traditional breast lift. Each type of breast lift can be completed without implants, but the perfect solution for you and your body can only be determined by your doctor.

What can I expect after surgery?

The procedure typically takes 1-3 hours. Some bruising, swelling, and soreness afterward is normal, but most patients return to work after just a week. After healing is complete, your breasts will sit higher on your chest and feel firmer. You will be thrilled with your newly perky breasts! Are you ready to restore your confidence? Contact Dr. Killingsworth at Atlanta Aesthetics, serving the Atlanta and Forsyth County areas. Dr. Killingsworth is a double board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. Our mission is to provide you the best possible results from your medical procedure, and we treat every patient with honesty, respect, and outstanding care in a safe, comfortable setting.

Can I Afford Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA Plastic surgery is a broad term that covers a variety of different cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Whether you’re pursuing plastic surgery for health reasons, or simply for your own happiness and confidence, we’re glad you’ve chosen to trust in us for this important moment in your life.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

The cost of your procedure or surgery will vary based on your specific needs. For example, some patients require liposuction and a tummy tuck, while other may benefit most from just liposuction. Our team will discuss the cost of your procedures and surgery during your consultation with the doctor.

About CareCredit® Financing

CareCredit® is another leader in healthcare funding. CareCredit® works just like a credit card but is designed specifically for medical procedures and services. If you’re interested, you can speak to our staff about percentage rates and repayment. We accept CareCredit® for all of our procedures and treatments, so you can confidently book your appointments without fear of the bill.

About Alphaeon® Credit

Alphaeon® Credit is a lending company for bariatric surgery, dentistry, dermatology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery services and treatments. Alphaeon® Credit offers a variety of monthly payment options in addition to special financing options for purchases over $250. Alphaeon® Credit works like a credit card with limits up to $25,000. Can you afford plastic surgery? Yes, you can. Our financing options make it easy to secure the funds you need for the procedure that will allow you to restore your body and your confidence. Contact us at Atlanta Aesthetics to learn more about your financing options and to set up your free consultation with an advisor from our facility. Our office proudly serves customers in Atlanta and throughout Forsythe County, as well as neighboring communities.  

Is Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

Are you on the fence about getting plastic surgery? It can initially feel intimidating, but more and more people recognize the benefits of plastic surgery each year. In 2015, more than 16 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States. Plastic surgery has many benefits that go beyond straightening your nose or slimming your waist.

Plastic Surgery Pros

  • Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAImproved appearance – The most obvious benefit of plastic surgery is improving your appearance. Whether you’re undergoing facial reconstruction, body contouring, or a breast augmentation, you’re bound to look and feel more beautiful after your treatment.
  • Reconstruction when you need it – For many, plastic surgery is restorative rather than elective. Plastic surgery can help remove scars, reconstruct facial features after accidents and injuries, and help mothers get their pre-pregnancy bodies back.
  • Increased confidencePlastic surgery improves your appearance, but more importantly, it gives you a major boost in confidence. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a person, and it’s so much easier to exude confidence when you’re happy with what you see in the mirror.
  • Reduced signs of aging – Unfortunately, our bodies change with age, and we can’t do anything to stop it. Plastic surgery can help you maintain or regain your youthful appearance. Whether you’re looking to erase wrinkles with facial fillers or blast body fat with liposuction, plastic surgery can be the solution you’re looking for to look like a younger you.

Plastic Surgery Cons

  • Price – While plastic surgery is a lifelong investment, it is typically an out-of-pocket cost since insurance doesn’t cover elective healthcare needs. However, there are still many affordable treatments, and most of them won’t hurt your wallet as much as you think. There are also financing options available to ensure you can afford the procedures you desire.
  • Recovery Time – Some plastic surgeries are invasive, which means they can have a recovery time of weeks or a month. However, there are also plenty of procedures that take less than an hour and show immediate results with minimal downtime.
Are you considering plastic surgery to boost your confidence? Dr. Killingsworth at Atlanta Aesthetics can help. Dr. Killingsworth is a double board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. At Atlanta Aesthetics, Dr. Killingsworth and his team are dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of patient care to patients in Atlanta, Forsyth County, and surrounding areas of Georgia. Contact Atlanta Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

New Atlanta Location is Now OPEN!

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAAtlanta Aesthetics, previously only located in John’s Creek and Cumming, has now opened a great new location in Atlanta on Peachtree Dunwoody Road. First established in 2012, Atlanta Aesthetics has since grown to now reach even more of the Greater Atlanta Area.

What can Atlanta Aesthetics do for you?

Atlanta Aesthetics prides itself on catering to the people to give them the appearance they want through cosmetic surgery. Through superb patient care, Atlanta Aesthetics helps their patients feel secure in their decision and achieve the look they want. Some of the most common procedures done at Atlanta Aesthetics include tummy tucks, breast augmentations, face lifts, facial implants, lip augmentation, Botox, chemical peels, and many more.

Who are we?

Atlanta Aesthetics’ surgeons, Dr. Cristen Catignani and Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, are devoted to their patients’ integrity and hold the highest standards to keep their patients comfortable during the entire process. Dr. Cristen Catignani, an Atlanta plastic surgeon, specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, breast, and body. She attended such prestigious universities as Florida State University, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Catignani has also volunteered with Hospice, International Medical Outreach in Haiti, and the Robinson Foundation in Ecuador. Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon, specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. He also attended prestigious universities including the University of Florida, the Medical College of Georgia, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has done work in clinical research in order to advance the understanding of surgical disease, and he has won awards such as 2015 Best Cosmetic Surgeon in the Best of Forsyth Reader’s Choice Awards. Come on in, meet the doctors, and learn more about the procedures available to you at Atlanta Aesthetics now in Atlanta and Forsyth County, GA at (678) 453-8055.

Can I afford Plastic Surgery? What are my options?

Plastic surgery, when done by a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Killingsworth of Atlanta Aesthetics, is an investment in your overall quality of life, as well as an investment in your self-esteem and self-confidence. This explains why in the U.S. in 2014, $12 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. People see real benefits to investing in their cosmetic and aesthetic appearance with plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAMost of our big investments in life, such as buying a house, attending college or getting a car, already have pre-established financing procedures in place. You take out a mortgage to buy a house, you get student loans to help you pay for college, and you obtain auto financing or a lease to get a car. But what about for plastic surgery? The effects of a plastic surgery procedure, such as rhinoplasty or a “nose job”, can last for a lifetime, long after that new car you purchased or leased has been replaced. And while your choice of house, car, and college all signal who you are to the world, nothing else is quite as personal as your appearance.  A carefully chosen cosmetic procedure can change the way you feel about yourself and your life’s possibilities.   Which is why the question of, “can I afford plastic surgery”, should really be, “what do you do if you want to invest in yourself through cosmetic surgery?” Fortunately, there are options. But before plunging ahead, it’s very important to take a step back after your consultation to decide what procedures you really want and need, and what procedures can you comfortably afford.You should never spend more than you can really afford, no matter whether it’s an investment in a new house, a new car, or a new you through plastic surgery. Taking stock of what you can actually afford is of the utmost importance. But once you feel confident that you can afford your desired procedure, it’s time to evaluate how to go about paying for it. There are options out there with one of them being medical credit cards. Medical credit cards are a new type of credit card that is specifically for medical purchases only, helping you to stay on budget by not being utilizable for other types of purchases or expenses. These types of medical credit cards often come with an introductory six-month 0% interest rate, and as a result, they can be a great way to finance a plastic surgery procedure. But it’s important that you read all of the fine print with care and understand exactly what will be expected of you in terms of making your payments on time and what types of penalties you can potentially face if you miss a payment or a payment deadline. Take the time to do your own research on these cards, so you clearly understand what risks are involved, because on some cards, if you miss a payment, the default APR can rise to 30 percent or more. Also, feel free to give us a call at Atlanta Aesthetics to discuss our convenient financing options. Let us help you find an affordable way to get that needed cosmetic procedure that will enhance your quality of life without breaking the bank.

Cosmetic Procedures That Won’t Interfere With Your Summer Plans

Summer is here, and that means family vacations, beach trips and hot sunny days. The last thing you want to do is schedule anything that is going to impede on your summer plans and that includes cosmetic surgery. Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAIf you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is also important to consider the best time to have your procedure. Some procedures are better suited for specific seasons to maximize results and to prevent interfering with any seasonal plans. If you don’t have plans and have vacation time to use, the summer can be the perfect opportunity to undergo invasive surgery and spend your time off to recoup indoors. However, if you have plans for fun in the sun, you can still opt for a few cosmetic surgeries that won’t leave you juggling or canceling summer events. Eliminate Unwanted Fat This Summer Everyone wants to look their best during the summer months, especially since a good majority of the season is spent in swimsuits and shorts and tank tops. Tummy tucks, liposuction, and other invasive fat-eliminating procedures can leave you with lengthy recovery times. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rid yourself of unwanted fatty deposits during the summer months and still enjoy your much-anticipated vacation. CoolSculpting® is the perfect procedure to get rid of stubborn fat so you can fit into that tiny bikini and look your best while still upholding any summer plans you may have scheduled. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical, non-invasive method called cryolipolysis in which fat cells are broken down from being exposed to extremely cold temperatures. No incisions are made and no recovery time is needed after treatment, making this an ideal summer cosmetic procedure. Get Radiant Skin While Enjoying Summer Activities Along with eliminating fat to enhance your physique, eliminating unwanted lines and wrinkles to get that radiant glow is also possible without messing up or interfering with any of your summer fun. Unfortunately, many popular cosmetic treatments used to help rejuvenate your skin and appearance, such as chemical peels, laser treatments, and photofacials, require you to stay out of the sun for a period of time as the treatments cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun. However, dermal fillers and injectables, such as Botox®, Juvederm® and Radiesse®, can treat and diminish fine lines and wrinkles without forcing you to stay indoors to recuperate, allowing you to look rejuvenated while enjoying your summer. Don’t let your summer plans force you to put off looking your best. Contact our office today and find out what cosmetic procedures will fit into your hot, busy, summer days.

The Dangers of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to traveling abroad for medical care. A growing number of people in the United States travel internationally for plastic surgery procedures – particularly because cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance and can be much cheaper in foreign countries. Popular cosmetic surgery tourism destinations include India, Mexico, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Thailand. Traveling to an exotic location for a treatment or procedure that is cheaper than it would be in the United States sounds like it’s too good to be true – because that’s almost always often the case. Communication between you and your doctor, for starters, may be difficult and can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Patients who travel overseas are also typically not well informed about safe hospital practices. The blood supply in some countries may not be screened and medication is not always of good quality. In addition, flying after surgery increases the risk of blood clots. Should something go wrong during or after surgery, there are legal protections in the United States that will protect you. Many other countries do not have these protections for patients. At Atlanta Aesthetics, we caution against medical tourism. If you are considering traveling overseas for a cosmetic surgery procedure because of cost, we encourage you to explore our financing options. With financing via Prosper® Healthcare Lending or CareCredit®, patients can alleviate worries about cost. Schedule a consultation with Atlanta Aesthetics to explore financing options and protect yourself from the dangers of medical tourism.

End of Decade Plastic Surgery Makeover

As we reach the end of the decade (ages 29, 39, 49), we often look to make big changes in our lives. A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by a UCLA psychologist and New York University’s Adam Alter, provides insight into the decisions to make dramatic changes as we near the end of the decade.  Often, this end of decade assessment can involve pursing cosmetic and plastic surgery. As you near the end of your 20’s and 30’s, mommy makeovers are a common group of procedures to improve the shape of your breast (breast lift, breast implants or augmentation) and abdomen (tummy tuck, liposuction).  After pregnancy, the changes to your breast and body can be significant like a loss of breast volume and a tummy that just won’t shrink back to the way it was. With breast implants (breast augmentation) and possibly a breast lift (mastopexy), you can restore the fullness and shape of your breasts. A tummy tuck with liposuction (abdominoplasty) can help you return to a tighter abdomen with definition. If you do find yourself at the “end of decade” decision for cosmetic and plastic surgery, find a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery) to help you navigate the process safely.

80 is the New 50: Plastic Surgery for People Over 65

There is no doubt that people are living longer and more fulfilling lives these days. Due to the longevity and continued vitality people are experiencing as they age, there is a demand for cosmetic plastic surgery for older people. It is not uncommon for me to provide consultation for cosmetic surgery procedures like a facelift, breast lift or tummy tuck for patients well into their 70’s and even 80’s. As baby boomers continue to age, we can only expect to see a continued demand for plastic surgery for this age group. In a recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery entitled “Safety of Cosmetic Procedures in Elderly and Octogenarian Patients“, the authors present evidence that surgery in the 65+ age group is just as safe as younger people. Also, the rate of complications in people in their 80’s was no different. One operation that did have a slightly higher complication rate (5.4% vs. 3.9%) was a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty). There was a higher rate of facial procedures like facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and neck lift when compared to the younger age group. Age is not necessarily a contraindication to plastic and cosmetic surgery. As long as you are healthy, the risk for most procedures is no different than it would have been in your 50’s.

Trending: Domestic Medical Tourism

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA
Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAAccording to Patients Beyond Borders, the United States is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world, along with Turkey, Costa Rica, India, Israel, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Traditionally, “medical tourists” were patients who travelled overseas for treatment, usually to save money. Some of the top specialties for medical travelers includes cosmetic surgery. However, more and more Americans are now becoming medical tourists within the United States. This trend is known as domestic medial tourism, and it’s booming. Patients are planning trips that incorporate both relaxation and medical treatments. In the event that you are interested in going overseas for any cosmetic plastic surgery, please be safe, be smart and ask these questions:
  • What kind of certification does the surgeon and surgery center have?
  • Will I have a pre-surgical consultation with the surgeon?
  • Will I be checked to see if I am healthy enough for any surgery?
  • What do other cosmetic surgery patients say about the surgeon?
  • Who is going to administer the anesthesia and what level of training has he or she had?
  • What if I have a complication after going home?

Top 5 Plastic Surgery Myths

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GABelow are some of the many myths that surround the seemingly glamorous world of plastic surgery. #1) Plastic Surgery is all about Beauty and Vanity Although Botox, breast augmentations and facelifts get all the press, plastic surgery encompasses everything from correcting birth defects to post-cancer breast reconstruction and work-related hand injuries. Qualified plastic surgeons care about the functional and overall results after surgery, not just the aesthetics. #2) Plastic Surgery Patients are Rich and Famous If plastic surgeons only operated on wealthy patients, there wouldn’t be a thriving plastic surgery industry. Most aesthetic patients are not the rich and famous, but are average people who simply wish to restore confidence, enhance their overall appearance and improve their lives. #3) Plastic Surgery is the same as Cosmetic Surgery All plastic surgeons do not have the same training. Many doctors trained in, and board certified in, other specialties such as gynecology or family medicine have ventured into plastic surgery, causing what is known as “white coat confusion”. Yes, they might be board certified, but not in plastic surgery. Likewise, doctors who report to be board certified in cosmetic surgery are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Patients choosing a surgeon for their cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures should always inquire about a doctor’s specific board certifications and if he or she is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). #4) Only Women Get Plastic Surgery Although women have been the traditional customers of plastic surgery, men are turning to plastic surgery in increasing numbers. Less invasive procedures such as Botox, laser treatments and dermal fillers can give men a rejuvenated and naturally youthful appearance without any downtime and at relatively low costs. These, along with liposuction, are the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments for men. Many men report a need for a competitive edge in the workforce as the reason they have pursued cosmetic treatments. #5) Plastic Surgery Lasts Forever and Leaves No Scars Plastic surgeons are great at making scars look better, more refined and smaller, but majority of plastic surgery will generally cause some type of scar formation. Surgeons can often recommend the best way to minimize scarring, and give advice and treatments on how to make your scar look as great as possible after surgery. While many plastic surgery procedures are long lasting and can give you years, if not decades of personal satisfaction, many factors determine how long the results will last. Plastic surgery can turn back the hands of time, but the clock keeps on ticking. Great skin care, less-invasive office procedures, surgical touch-ups, and your overall health are all important to maintain your natural good looks.

Plastic Surgery: ‘Tis the Season Year Round

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAFor everything there is a season, and none more befitting than cosmetic plastic surgery. A good percentage of surgery schedules are dictated by school schedules…when the kids go back to school, cosmetic plastic surgery providers become a bit busier. But, each month sees its own procedural patterns. Below are some annual trends to consider, while putting yourself first, and making your monthly plans. Fall: September through December Many people schedule their facial or body plastic surgery for Fall as they would like to be fully recovered in time for the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving and continuing on through Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s. Winter: December through March The colder weather is also a great time for cosmetic plastic surgery because many people have the option of wearing scarves, hats and turtleneck tops to disguise any swelling and bruising. Additionally, many people have time off from work in December and combine it with vacation days in order to have a complete recovery period at home. Spring: April through June Spring is another popular time for going under the knife due to summer vacations and the many outdoor activities, as well as summer weddings. Many young people, finishing high school and looking toward college consider plastic surgery, along with those who have already graduated from college and want a leg up for that first professional job hunt. Summer: June through August Summer often sees Botox and dermal fillers thanks to their non-surgical nature. Surgery schedules tend to wind down during the summer months while family vacation plans are afoot. Teachers who have the summer off regularly use these months for all types of cosmetic plastic surgery. Friendly reminder that surgical scars must be kept out of strong summer sunlight so that the marks don’t turn unnatural colors.

Presenting a New Trio: Selfies, Social Media and Plastic Surgery

In response to the current obsession with selfies and their popularity in social media, plastic surgeons across the country are treating a younger clientele. The selfies that dominate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat profiles have created demand for procedures that will improve one’s appearance. More and more people are looking towards plastic surgery to fix imperfections like unacceptable wrinkles or curves, prominent noses, or even the appearance of their hands… as hand selfies for engagement rings are popular. While compiling the annual plastic surgery statistics for 2013, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) asked their 2,700 member surgeons about the latest trends in cosmetic plastic surgery. Results showed that one in three reported an increase in potential patients asking for some form of cosmetic plastic surgery due to selfies posted and seen on social media. Another study by the AAFPRS reports that more than half of facial plastic surgeons surveyed found an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectables in people under the age of 30.

Get Educated Before Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GAThere are literally thousands of medical professionals offering cosmetic procedures in Atlanta. So at Atlanta Aesthetics, Dr. Chris Killingsworth understands you have a choice when it comes to plastic surgery. You’re looking for the right doctor, with the right set of skills, experience and expertise – and it gets confusing since no one is likely to advertise themselves as inexperienced or incompetent. So how do you decide whom you should trust? Plastic Surgeon vs. Cosmetic Surgeon It’s helpful to first determine whether the doctor you are considering is a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon. The line between the two names is becoming more and more confusing. In reality, there is a huge difference. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, in the United States, there are currently no residency programs devoted exclusively to cosmetic surgery. Therefore, doctors seeking to learn cosmetic surgery techniques, primarily do so after completing their residency training in another specialty. In other words, doctors from a variety of medical fields, including: dermatologists, general surgeons, gynecologists and oral surgeons, etc., call or label themselves as a “cosmetic surgeon.” In contrast, plastic surgeons are required to complete a minimum of two years of focused training in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery was originally defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to the reconstruction of facial and body deformities due to birth defects, trauma, burns and disease. Over time, the practice has evolved to include elective cosmetic procedures as well, and patients gain valuable assurance from a plastic surgeon’s license and intensive training. Board Certification An additional measure to help find a highly qualified surgeon includes board certification in plastic surgery. While a medical license sets the minimum competency requirements to treat patients, board certification is the “Gold Star” and demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular area. It is a seal of approval stating that a surgeon completed specific years of proper training and is substantially experienced to perform plastic surgery procedures. Again, this has become confusing with cosmetic surgeons creating their own brand of board certification. Thus, the question you want to ask is “What are you board certified in exactly?” The surgeons with the most training in aesthetic surgical proceduresare board certified in plastic surgery, not cosmetic surgery or another specialty, like dermatology or obstetrics. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is the officiating body over 24 accredited specialty boards. The ABMS recognizes and certifies a surgeon for the face and body through The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Currently, cosmetic surgery is not a specialty that is recognized for board certification by the ABMS. Christopher Killingsworth, MD is double board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American Board of Surgery.

Everyone needs liposuction… if all you can perform is liposuction

Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, GAYou may have noticed how surgical procedures are now a commodity. There are several companies whose business model is to apply their specific procedure to everyone. The only problem is not everyone needs just liposuction or a facelift done under local anesthesia. Granted, they do have alluring and well-marketed names for the procedures. But often these procedures are not any different than what all plastic surgeons have been doing for years. As you might imagine, everyone is different and you cannot apply the same treatment to everyone. That is why a board-certified (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon undergoes rigorous training. Your surgeon can evaluate your body and talk with you about your goals and expectations, and then discuss ALL the options with you and what you can expect from each option. That is the practice of medicine, and that is the difference between a plastic surgeon and a company who just wants to give everyone liposuction. For example, you may not like the way your tummy looks after two pregnancies. You would like to look better in your clothes and possibly even a two-piece bathing suit. If you only get liposuction, you may not like the results because your skin loses elasticity from pregnancy and will not tighten with liposuction alone. You may be left with less fat and even looser skin, and no option for a two piece. Your board-certified plastic surgeon knows ALL your options and can help you achieve your goals. A place that performs liposuction, well… they just perform liposuction. They are making a procedure into a product that they are trying to sell to you. Because they can only do one procedure, they simply convince everyone that it will work for them even if it really won’t. The importance of seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon cannot be understated. If you want to really talk about your concerns and your visions for your body, a plastic surgeon is essential because they tailor procedures specifically to your individual needs. Those companies offering one procedure, like liposuction, can be tempting. But if you want the best results and and to be treated like a person rather than a number, a plastic surgeon is your only safe choice.

Is Social Media Driving an Uptick in Plastic Surgery?

Looking Good on Facebook: Social Media Leads to Spikes  in Plastic Surgery Requests Social media is all about seeing and being seen, so it’s not surprising that the ubiquity and frequency of posts are fueling our vanity. All the constant attention to social media can make us feel connected, but at the same time might fuel some nor-so-pretty pretty emotions as well. A study from researchers in Berlin reported that scanning friends’ Facebook pages and photos can trigger feelings of envy and even loneliness. A TODAY Show survey of 7,000 American moms found that 42% suffer from “Pinterest stress,” and worry they are not creative enough compared to other moms, which can result in hours of late night clicking through pictures of birthday party favors for inspiration. Now the annual poll from the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reports that social media activity may be driving an uptick in plastic surgery requests. The survey polled 752 of the AAFPRS’ board-certified facial plastic surgeons on the trends in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. This year, one finding stuck out: surgeons are seeing a 31% increase in plastic surgery requests as a result of how people wanted to present themselves on social media. “We live in a very visual world, and have come to expect that we will be ‘Googled’ or ‘Facebooked’ even before actually meeting someone socially or professionally,” says Dr. Sam Rizk, an AAFPRS member and director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery in New York. “I see a lot of men and women who are executives or high profile so they are in the public eye. Their photos get taken all the time and they never know where they may end up. Between high definition television, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, how you look in photos and video clips has definitely become a driver for all cosmetic procedures from Botox to neck lifts.” The survey shows that growth in cosmetic plastic surgery outpaces demand for reconstructive procedures. Cosmetic surgery accounted for 73% of all plastic surgery operations in 2012, up from 62% in 2011. Among the more popular procedures are rhinoplasty, Botox and facelifts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also released its most recent cosmetic and reconstructive surgery statistics last month, which similarly found that high numbers of Americans continue to go under the knife, with 1.6 million getting cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasty and 13 million receiving less invasive procedures like Botox. That study also noted that while breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, surgeons are seeing a rise in the upper arm-lift procedure. In 2012, Americans spent $61 million on procedures to remove excess skin on the back of their arms and since 2000, the group reported a 4,378% increase in the number of these procedures performed. In a ASPS statement, the organization says there is no single reason underlying the increase in requests, but a poll done they conducted showed that women are paying closer attention to celebrities’ arms, with the majority admiring first lady Michelle Obama’s triceps the most. It’s not surprising that people tend to be influenced by the images they see most consistently, which in the past have been of celebrities, but increasingly may include friends as well. And constant reminders of their appearance on social media may be spurring a desire to improve perceived flaws… Read more: