Breast Enhancement in Atlanta, GA

Femininity and beauty are largely associated with a woman’s breasts. Unfortunately, not every woman is happy with her breasts, and her confidence is greatly reduced. Breast surgery offers women an option to improve the size, shape and fullness of their breasts. With our office in Atlanta, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Killingsworth of Atlanta Aesthetics offers breast enhancement procedures for women in Forsyth County, Georgia.

Breast Surgery Options

Breast Enhancement in Atlanta, GAMany women are dissatisfied with the shape, size or appearance of their breasts, usually as a result of changes that are caused by aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in weight or simple genetics. We offer several procedures to help restore or transform your breasts to a more attractive appearance. Some of the breast procedures offered at Atlanta Aesthetics include:

Surgery to Improve the Breasts

Throughout history and still today, the female breast is the ultimate symbol of beauty and femininity. A woman who has beautiful breasts is perceived as being more attractive, and a well-rounded bust line inspires a certain pride that makes a woman feel confident and seductive. Unfortunately, not every woman is born with “perfect” breasts, and many are dissatisfied with the way their breasts and lack self-esteem. At Atlanta Aesthetics, Dr. Killingsworth offer surgical breasts procedures for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts ranging in options from breast enlargement to breast reduction. The reason breasts vary from woman-to-woman is a source of mystery, and it is almost impossible to answer. Some breasts are large while others are small, some sag while others are “perky”, and some are flabby while others are firm. Many women want the aesthetics of their breasts to be “perfect” and identifying what perfect breasts are is all but impossible because the definition is totally subjective making the answer neither right nor wrong.

What is a Normal Breast?

While it might not be possible to define a “perfect” breast, a criterion has been developed to identify what the majority of people consider a cosmetically beautiful breast and some of the requirements include that:
  • The breasts must be full but not too large
  • The breast should project more forward than to the sides
  • The breasts should have minimal cleavage rather than a wide gap
  • Firm breasts are a must, but they should not be too hard
  • The slope of the breasts should be graceful and gentle
  • Breasts that protrude too far from the chest look unnatural
  • Breasts with too much sag or droop are unattractive
  • The nipple and areola must be proportionate to the size of the breasts
  • Extremely large nipples on small breasts are considered unattractive
  • The coloration of the nipple and areola is important, and both areolas should be circularly symmetrical, the same size, and the same color
  • The nipple and areola area should be pointing up slightly
As you can see, perfection has many requirements and while difficult to explain: it is seemingly even more difficult to obtain because as in most cases no amount of diet and exercise will correct unacceptable breast issues. When a person is extremely conscious about the way their breasts look, they feel that they are different from everyone else and to change breast imperfections, breast surgery is often the only solution.

Factors that Determine Breast Shape

Breasts are dynamic organs of the human body meaning that they undergo continuous changes throughout a woman’s life and some of the factors that determine the way a woman’s breast looks include:
  • Heredity: Heredity plays an important factor in determining the size of the breasts as girls typically take on their mother’s characteristics, and this is passed down through the generations.
  • Age: Young girls entering puberty have small breasts but as a woman ages, changes become more evident. In elderly women, the Cooper’s ligaments (the ligaments that support the breast also known as “nature’s bra”) weaken and cause the breasts to droop and sag.
  • Menstruation: Breast changes occur during the menstrual cycle, and the changes are more evident in some women than others. The changes can affect the shape, size, and texture of the breasts as well as the nipples and areolas.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: After giving birth and breastfeeding a baby, most women experience changes in their breasts that can include sagging, uneven size, deflation, and they can take on an “odd” shape.
  • Weight Fluctuations: Any changes in overall weight of the body will change the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Diseases: Some diseases affect the size of the breast. Cancer and breast cancer will especially bring about changes in the breast for as long as the condition lasts.

Does Dr. Killingsworth Perform Male Breast Reduction for Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes enlarged male breasts. Men who have the condition should entrust their breast reduction surgery to a highly qualified plastic surgeon who has the skill and expertise to make male breasts smaller while maintaining a masculine appearance. To learn more about surgery for male breast reduction, visit our gynecomastia page.

Your Breast Surgery

Whether you are considering a breast augmentation to create a larger silhouette or a breast reduction to help relieve your constant back and shoulder pain, Atlanta Aesthetics will help you achieve the shape and size you have always wanted and desired. While changing the appearance of your breasts will make your figure more attractive, it is important to know that breast surgery will not make those around you accept and love you anymore. That is why you and you alone should decide to have breast surgery because it is crucial that you are happy with your body’s appearance and that you are not improving it to please someone else. With their deep commitment to making people look and feel better about their appearance, Dr. Killingsworth will perform your breast surgery using skill, patience, and talent without compromising your natural attributes and beauty. While most breast procedures at Atlanta Aesthetics are performed on women, we also offer gynecomastia surgery for men who want to reduce their breasts and increase their self-esteem as well. If you are ready to improve your self-confidence, and you are interested in any of the breast surgery procedures we offer, please contact Atlanta Aesthetics for more information or to schedule a consultation or Dr. Killingsworth.

Atlanta Breast Surgery Cost and Financing Options

The cost of breast enhancement surgery is based on several factors that vary from patient to patient. Your consultation with Dr. Killingsworth allows them to determine an individual surgical plan that is the basis of your breast surgery cost. We accept payment by cash, personal check and major credit card. If you would like to make convenient and affordable payments for your breast enhancement surgery, visit our financing page to apply for CareCredit®. Breast enhancement surgery improves the shape, size and fullness of your natural breast. If you live in Cumming, Forsyth County or other areas around Atlanta, contact Atlanta Aesthetics to schedule a private and confidential consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Killingsworth.