BOTOX® in Atlanta, GA

BOTOX® is a popular choice for anti-aging because the injections give men and women immediate, long-lasting results. Voted by Best of Forsyth Reader’s Choice Awards as the 2015 Best Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double-board certified Atlanta surgeon, is the preferred BOTOX® practitioners for men and women in Atlanta, Cumming, Forsyth County and surrounding areas in Georgia.
BOTOX® in Atlanta, GA

Injections Used to Reduce Wrinkles

BOTOX® in Atlanta, GAThe appearance of frown lines and wrinkles can result in a prematurely aged appearance, and although facial surgery offers a permanent solution, some people prefer to improve the signs of aging without having to undergo a surgical procedure. Wrinkle treatments, also known as muscle relaxants or anti-wrinkle injections, are commonly used for facial enhancement, and they offer an effective non-invasive alternative for reducing lines and revitalizing facial appearance. Year after year, BOTOX® injections retain the top spot as the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in the United States and it is no surprise since the toxin banishes wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes by selectively limiting the movement of various facial muscles. When injected, BOTOX® treats what are called “dynamic” wrinkles (muscles caused by repetitive movement) by blocking the signal from specific nerves to specific muscles. Wrinkles form when nerve cells within the muscles beneath the skin release a chemical that triggers a muscle contraction known as acetylcholine and BOTOX® disrupts the release of acetylcholine thus paralyzing the muscle. There are also often very tiny muscle fibers in or just below the skin and when a small amount of very diluted BOTOX® is carefully injected into the skin, it can affect just the tiny fibers and smooth the skin without significantly reducing movement.

Atlanta BOTOX® Cost and Financing Options

The cost of BOTOX® treatments at Atlanta Aesthetics is based upon the amount of the product that is needed to achieve optimum results. During your consultation, Dr. Killingsworth determines how much BOTOX® is needed to effectively soften your lines and wrinkles. We provide a detailed cost after the consultation, and you can pay for treatment via cash, personal check, credit card and CareCredit® financing.

Benefits of BOTOX®

Although BOTOX® has been used for many different purposes over the years, it is best known for its ability to:
  • Treat facial lines caused by action muscles
  • Treat the worry or scowl lines between your eyebrows (glabella)
  • Treat the “crow’s feet” wrinkles around the corners of the eyes
  • Treat the horizontal lines of your forehead
  • Treat the muscles under your chin
  • Treat the forehead for a “BOTOX® Brow Lift“ to elevate your brow
  • Treat the chin creases caused by overactive muscles in that area
  • Treat wrinkles around the lips

Evaluation for BOTOX® Cosmetic

At Atlanta Aesthetics, we offer injectable treatments such as BOTOX®, as well as other cosmetic and dermal fillers, to rejuvenate your facial appearance with results that are naturally beautiful. Dr. Killingsworth realizes how busy people are today and that is why he offers what is sometimes referred to as “lunch-hour” procedures that can give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance quickly so that you can resume your normal routine immediately after your treatment.

Approved by the FDA in 2002 to treat wrinkles, BOTOX® is part of a class of drugs called neuromodulators and specifically these drugs use botulinum toxin type A to decrease muscle activity in the area of injection. BOTOX® is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which is the same bacterium that causes botulism (food poisoning) however the cosmetic doses are extremely low, and the toxin is diluted. The active ingredient in these products (Botulinum Toxin Type A) has been used for over 25 years to treat conditions in children such as strabismus (lazy eye) and to loosen muscles for those who need physical therapy for cerebral palsy. For adults, BOTOX® has been approved for important clinical uses in patients who have chronic TMJ and facial pain, treatment of leaky bladder (overactive bladder), and a neurological movement disorder that causes severe neck and shoulder contractions known as cervical dystonia.

Many of these treatments can also be utilized to reduce signs of age on your hands, smooth out lines that form on the neck, and even reduce excessive sweating in areas such as the underarms.

The BOTOX® Cosmetic Procedure

The entire BOTOX® procedure is relatively simple and takes only 10 to 15 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated and your individual requirements. The discomfort is minimal, and most patients report a minimal “sting” sensation with each injection. BOTOX® is usually performed without topical anesthesia however it is available if necessary, and ice can also be applied before the injection to numb the area. The mechanism of action for BOTOX® is that although it is injected into the facial muscles, it really does not affect the muscle but instead blocks the transmitters between the motor nerves that innervate the muscle, so there is no loss of sensory feeling. Once the motor nerve endings are interrupted, the muscle cannot contract to make BOTOX® basically a muscle relaxer. When the treated muscle is paralyzed, the dynamic motion that causes wrinkles in the skin will stop and approximately 3 to 10 days after treatment, the skin above the treated muscles will smooth and the results will continue to be apparent for 3 to 4 months (in some cases six months or longer) depending on your individual response to the treatment. There is often a long-lasting benefit even after your BOTOX® treatment as the lack of repetitive contraction means muscles become less powerful causing your skin to wrinkle less.

There are several brands and types of botulinum-toxin-based injectables on the market including BOTOX®, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Dysport® (all three derived from botulinum toxin type A) while Myobloc is derived from botulinum type B. The variety of injectable treatments and cosmetic fillers on the market today presents exciting possibilities for patients from all walks of life to shed years off of their appearance with a small investment and little, if any, downtime.

It can be extremely frustrating when you work so hard and spend so much money to take care of your skin and one day you look in the mirror and do not recognize the older person looking back at you. Many people give up and decide to live with the way they look but for those who want to look as vibrant and youthful on the outside as they feel on the inside, we encourage you to call Atlanta Aesthetics today. During your BOTOX® procedure, Dr. Killingsworth knows that how your muscles respond to botulinum toxin is an individual reaction, and they will apply their knowledge of facial aesthetics in a customized treatment plan designed specifically for you. If you need a higher or lower dose in a particular area, they will adjust the dose to achieve the results you want giving you a balanced and natural appearance. The results of BOTOX® can be dramatic and obvious to you, but subtle to others, so contact us today because after your BOTOX® procedure:  you will look and feel more rested and relaxed than you have in years.

Have you ever thought about looking younger without plastic surgery? BOTOX® treatments by Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon, will do just that! Contact Atlanta Aesthetics to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Killingsworth.