Breast Lift Before and After Pictures in Atlanta, GA

Visit our Breast Lift Page In addition to size and shape, breast position on the chest may affect how you feel about your breasts. Pregnancy, aging, weight loss and heredity all play a role in making the breasts hang low. Located in Atlanta, Atlanta Aesthetics is the home of Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, who perform breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery does not change the size or shape of the breasts. Rather, the surgery lifts the breasts to be perkier. You can see how a breast lift may help you by lifting your arms over your head in front of a mirror and seeing how your breasts are raised higher. Nipple position may also change with breast lift surgery. Dr. Killingsworth improve the position of the breasts by tightening the skin around the breasts and removing the excess. They may also recommend liposuction to precisely improve breast appearance. The incisions for the surgery are made along the natural breast contour. Once he tightens the skin, he works to re-position the nipple to sit higher on the breast. Our breast lift before and after pictures show you some of the patients that have entrusted Dr. Killingsworth with his breast lift surgeries.  

Breast Lift By Dr. Killingsworth*

*Patients Individual Results May Vary.

Breast Lift Case 1

Breast Lift Case 2

Breast Augmentation Case 13

Breast Lift Case 3

Breast Augmentation Case 14

Breast Lift Case 4

Breast Augmentation Case 15

Breast Lift Case 5

Breast Augmentation Case 16

Breast Lift Case 6

Breast Augmentation Case 17

Breast Lift Case 7

Breast Augmentation Case 18

Breast Lift Case 8

Breast Augmentation Case 19

Breast Lift Case 9

Breast Augmentation Case 20

Do your breasts hang low or sag? Breast lift surgery may be a solution. If you live in Cumming, Forsyth County, Atlanta or surrounding areas in Georgia and would like to know more about our breast lift surgery, contact us to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Christopher Killingsworth.