Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Pictures in Atlanta, GA

Visit our Brazilian Butt Lift Page Many men and women look at their bodies and wish that fat would develop in places where they need enhanced contours. With a Brazilian butt lift from Atlanta Aesthetics, you can actually achieve your dream body by moving fat from one area to your buttocks. Dr. Christopher Killingsworth is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who will give you a rounder buttock area by transferring your own fat from other parts of your body. Round, full buttocks are considered appealing to both men and women. Brazilian butt lift surgery is a procedure that uses your own fat instead of implants. The fat is harvested from other areas of your body, such as the abdomen, thighs and hips. Dr. Killingsworth then purify the fat and inject it into your buttocks. One of the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift is that you achieve two cosmetic goals with one surgery. By removing fat from other areas of your body, Dr. Killingsworth was able to give you a flatter, more toned appearance. Even though the results are not as significant as full liposuction, you will still see a difference. Dr. Killingsworth then precisely injects the fat into your buttocks to create a rounder yet natural appearance. Our Brazilian butt lift before and after pictures demonstrate the results of the procedure.  

Brazilian Butt Lift By Dr. Killingsworth*

*Patients Individual Results May Vary.

Brazilian Butt Lift

  If you want a fuller buttocks area without using implants, contact Atlanta Aesthetics to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Christopher Killingsworth, a double board-certified plastic surgeon. We serve Forsyth County, Cumming, Atlanta and surrounding areas in Georgia.